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I finally got control over the hacked twitter account, and changed my password. And then I manually deleted all the 400 tweets on it, and unfollowed everyone. Here’s some of my old tweets, haha.

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I don’t have a Twitter.

The Twitter account that looks like me? Is not me. It has been hacked or something and is sending out all sorts of viruses around. IT’S NOT ME. I can’t access the account or even have a password sent. The one on it has changed the email address associated with the account.

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Traveling home in the morning. Leaving paradise for this time. :)

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Looking forward to coming home now.

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Leaving paradise, adios!

Leaving paradise, adios!

(via j-immie)

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I’m so tired today.

I don’t normally sleep in the middle of the day…

But when I do, I wake up from one very interesting dream.

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Today in gran canaria.

Ok listen. I’m going to bed now. It’s been a somewhat nice day. I was at a tapas restaurant with my mom, and then I had a swim in the pool. And then I was lying in bed listening to the entire new Opeth album “Pale Communion”. Twice. And that makes it a total of eight times I’ve listened though it so far. I have finally made up my opinion about it. And every song. 

And so I was meeting my vacation friends down by the disco at the hotel, and stayed there talking with them for a while.

Very tired now. Still in Gran Canaria. No hablo español.

With the moon. Above. And the sun. Below.

I’m still haunted.

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Ok, morning, going down to the pool to kill some time in the sun.


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On Gran Canaria.

Here at the hotel, I got to know a big german family yesterday, and since the alcohol is free since they’re “all inclusive”, the drinks just kept on coming and coming, non stop… Tequila shots, whisky, rum, drinks, you name it. It was completely crazy.

I got of course very drunk last night, but they were fun to get to know.

We’re on vacation after all, but omg… Sometimes it can be too much!


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Listening to “Simple song” by The Shins reminds just about too much of you, it takes me back, like nothing else, it hurts. Why did you have to die?

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"I’m so angry I could scream. But I don’t do that. I never scream… I’m usually never angry either…" 

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There’s not a single Norwegian soul at this hotel it seems like. It seems like everyone is german here! “Ich this frei?” is what people say when they want to know if the seat next to me is free. Enjoying my glass of redwine down at the disco, with live music.

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"It’s so easy to fall in love with an illusion. Because it isn’t real." 

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Set’s me on fire, she sets me on fire.

Set’s me on fire. Fire.

- Yep.

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